The CancerIFA Service

….is a service for IFAs, other financial advisers, employee benefit providers and individuals. It helps people deal with the news that they are seriously ill and may not have long to live, taking burden of dealing with this awful news away from advisers. My own expertise here comes from these areas:

a)     twenty years in financial services

b)    having had throat cancer myself in 2007

Making the most of the time you have will partly depend on your financial resources. With much non-financial support available from many charities and support groups, my advice will concentrate on the financial aspect. 

Regulated advice will not be given and is rarely needed. If regulated financial advice is needed, this can be given by the referring adviser or I can find one for the person concerned.

Referrals come mainly from IFAs with others coming via GPs and the media.

Curiously, people with terminal illness (12 months or less to live) may have options the rest of us don’t have – in pensions for example.


Black & white photo by Richard Church