The Wrong Man for the Job


The most crucial issue that has faced this country for decades. Surprise referendum result compounded by PM David Cameron’s lack of any preparation as that was defeatist. He does the honourable thing and resigns.

David Davis is chosen to lead the team and hundreds of new staff recruited to handle the paperwork. Things are not going well for two reasons. First, Remainers actively try to sabotage the referendum result where the ballot paper clearly said that Parliament would implement the decision.

Worst of all though, PM Theresa May sabotages the whole process by appointing her her own guy Oliver Robbins who reports directly to her. This is either a sign of weakness or treachery. Oliver Robbins sees BREXIT as a crisis to be managed rather than an opportunity – not much positive thinking there.

Your heart is not in itĀ 

The whole tone of the negotiating process seems to be making the best of a bad job. We are being sold down the river and acting as supplicants. Mrs Thatcher would not have put up with this nonsense where instead of unity in this country to get the best deal, we have exasperation from Leavers and Remainers videĀ Twitter group @STOPBREXIT.

And there is only one solution – a new Prime Minister. A bit late in the day sure, but better late than never – like Churchill taking over from Neville Chamberlain in May 1940. The parallels with appeasement are depressing. Theresa May’s conduct puts her firmly in the appeasers’ camp which is not the way to win a battle. With the party conference season starting soon, perhaps we can have a leader that actually believes in BREXIT.

And if you haven’t seen it, give yourself a treat and see Darkest Hour



George Emsden
Now retired, George is busier than ever: working through an OU Maths & Physics degree, blogs, volunteering at Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen and Haringey Winter Shelter plus being a very proud granddad.

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